How to repair a water damaged smartphone

As surveys have shown,about every tenth waters his smartphone/cell phone and this most frequently in the toilet, so a slippery part but falls too easy out of the pants pocket. After such an event, you should not turn your smartphone on, but who does not? You want to see if it still works. The water creates short circuits on the electronic components. Since smartphones rarely fall into distilled water, remain even after evaporation or removal of water saline residues at the locations of generated short circuits. These residues are electrically conductive and keep the short circuits upright, as there is no replacement of the exhausted battery. Due to this circumstance, much-praised tips from the internet rarely lead to success either:
  • place smartphone in a bowl of rice
  • open the smartphone and vacuum the water with the vacuum cleaner
  • remove the board and bathe in isopropanol
  • heat the smartphone in the oven

In the following video you can clearly see the dirt under the electronic chips on the board and it is easy to judge that with the above home remedies the damage can not be dealt with.

Smartphone repair in case of water damage
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