Micro SD memory cards quickly identify counterfeits

Memory card counterfeiters manipulate the memory card controller. For example, the controller from a 32GB memory chip is programmed to show a size of 256GB. This can be proven with elaborate tests, see: Counterfeiting test for micro SD cards
However, it is true that the counterfeiters can manipulate the memory capacity of the chip, but not the "bad block management system" of the chip. The Bad Block Management manages bad memory blocks and spare memory blocks, which takes up memory space of the chip. Micro SD cards are therefore never displayed in the computer system with the memory size specified by the memory card label. For a memory card with a capacity of e.g. 128GB is specified in the computer system only a capacity of 119GB.
By comparing the capacity of counterfeits with non-counterfeit memory cards, I have been able to develop an algorithm that detects counterfeits at the specified memory size.

Online fake test for micro SD cards, currently supports 64GB, 128GB and 256GB cards.
Select the memory size of the Micro SD card specified by the PC, round it down to an integer. Attention: daily only 1 query possible!

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