Counterfeiting of micro SD cards

Micro SD cards are sold (even from established dealers) that do not have the specified capacity. Will a memory card with 32GB sold for a price of 256GB, the extra profit can be at 200%. Because maximum profit is always sought, Fake cards are not necessarily offered at a very low price. The following pictures show how the structure of memory cards with different memory sizes differs.

micro SD Karte 32GB

micro SD Karte 256GB

With a 256GB memory card, 8 x 32GB memory chips are stacked and connected together. So that these memory chips can be installed in a Micro SD card, they must be ground down on the relatively thick side of the substrate. This procedure is very expensive and must be reflected in the price. A 256GB memory card will be considerably more expensive than a 32GB card.
If you have now acquired a fake card, this does not occur at first. The card can be formatted and recognized even with the promised size of PC, camera or smartphone. However, if the actual capacity limit is reached during data storage, further images or videos are no longer stored, but only the file name entered in the file allocation table. The supposedly taken pictures or videos are lost forever. It can take a long time until you realize this, because a warning or error message is not output.
The scammers have manipulated the memory card controller to expose the wrong amount of memory. The codes for this are from the SD Association only for members for a fee, which are around 1000 worldwide, are provided.
As already mentioned, you do not recognize the fakes at a low price. But the counterfeiters shy away from additional costs. Often the printing of the card indicates quality defects.

micro SD kein fake
faultless printing - no fake

micro SD fake
see "GB" - poor print quality - fake

If an SD card adapter is included with the purchase, then this is almost always nameless with forgeries.

adapter von Fälschung
Fake with nameless adapter

In contrast, the adapters of well-known companies are printed with their own logo. Micro SD cards from well-known companies that are supplied with adapters without their own logo, are guaranteed fakes.

Adapter mit Markennamenaufdruck
Adapter with imprint of brand names - no fakes

To determine whether your already purchased memory card is a fake, free programs are offered on the Internet. Unfortunately, testing your memory card with these programs can take days. It is easier if you copy data (pictures, videos) to the memory card, which occupy a total of more than 32 GB of memory. This will cover all counterfeits which were made with 8GB, 16GB and 32GB memory chips. Then find non-working files on the memory card that appear after 8Gb, 16GB or 32GB, then you are dealing with a fake.

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