Data recovery for memory cards formatting in the camera or smartphone

It is generally known that by formatting the memory card with the camera or smartphone the memory cells on the memory card are overwritten with zeroes and a data recovery is no longer possible. That is a false statement!
Just the fact that the formatting takes only a few seconds suggests that the memory cells were not overwritten. The overwriting of the memory cells must logically take just as long as copying data to the entire memory card and that takes several minutes.
If you want to save the data with a data recovery program after an unintentional formatting, it will be shown that there is no data left, because the memory cells no longer have any content. But that is not correct. When formatting, the memory card controller was only programmed to that it should output zero for all requests, as long as the memory cell has not been rewritten. This manipulation can not overcome a data recovery program.
In these cases, the data can only be saved if the raw data is read directly from the memory chip, that is, the controller must be bypassed. How Recoverfab works for this, is shown in this video:

data recovery from formatted cards in the camera or smartphone
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