Data recovery from (micro) SD memory cards

Memory cards are in use in mobile electronic devices. The most common type is the SD memory card and its little brother, the Micro SD memory card. The reliability of these memory cards is given as 2 million hours MTTF (mean time to failure), which means that on average it takes 2 million hours for a memory card to fail due to a physical failure. That sounds sufficiently reliable, but does not exclude a previous failure.
If the memory card is suddenly no longer detected by the smartphone, the camera or the PC, there is a physical defect. The used device will give an error message or the card will be formatted. Formatting is not applicable because of the physical damage, neither software nor formatting fix a physical damage. In case of a sudden failure of the memory card, there are 4 possible causes:
  • wire bond interruption
  • Defect in the gate oxide
  • cosmic radiation
  • voltage peaks
causes micro sd corrupted
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Saving data from a memory card with these defects will work if the memory chip is still intact and the raw data is read directly, bypassing the memory card controller. This requires specialized knowledge and tools that are not available to ordinary data recovery companies. There are 3 companies worldwide (Rusolut, ACE Laboratory, Soft-Center) that have licensed software for converting raw data into readable files and have developed special devices for reading raw data.
It would make sense to hire companies with a data recovery for physical defects of memory cards, if they work with one of the mentioned licenses, who does not pay attention will spend money on useless analyzes.
Data recovery programs offered on the Internet never give any indication that the program can only work if the volume is recognized to be the correct size. Buying a program for data recovery is useful if there is a logical error, accidental deletion or formatting happened.
There is a widespread assumption that memory card manufacturers have the best prerequisites for saving data from damaged memory cards. Unfortunately, this is not true. Manufacturers only exchange memory cards or try to save the data with their own software.
With newer smartphones it is possible to save the data encrypted on the memory card. If this option is selected, data recovery for defective memory cards is no longer possible. The encryption algorithm is stored in the memory card controller. If the data is not read out via the controller, there is no way to decrypt the raw data.

micro sd data recovery
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micro sd corrupted

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